Alcohol and Drug Addiction - Private Rehab

We have a combined experience of 40 years in finding confidential solutions for: 

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Family problems
  • Employment problems
  • Debt and business disputes
  • Legal advice on these real life issues

Seemingly insolvable problems really do leach out into every area of the addicts life, but we have the expertise within our team to combat all of that - with solutions that work. 

Addictions - the bigger picture

Alcohol and/or drug addictions are not just a problem contained within the life of the addicted individual. Issues permeate through every area of not only their lives, but into the lives of others. An addiction to alcohol and drugs is an obsession that causes immeasurable negative impacts on the family and friends of the addict. It will more than likely cause anxiety and stress for the whole family. This has severe knock-on effects, affecting finances through employment, legal and business problems. A pressure-cooker of problems that is felt by everyone.  

SP Bespoke is a unique organisation that can help to solve those equally harmful peripheral issues, as well as help untangle the personal problems associated with the core issue of the addiction. We get you and your family the right help for your unique set of addiction problems. 

Call us today for a free, non-judgemental chat. We have been where you are. And we know we can help. 

Shig Hayre 

This is what alcohol did to me

Until fourteen years ago, I was an international entrepreneur in the UK and USA. From humble beginnings I worked relentlessly.  My businesses grew to a point where I possessed all of the trappings of wealth. For example a home with a gym and sauna, a stable of expensive motor cars, and the ability to educate my children privately.

However, the quantity of my alcohol consumption grew to beyond what I thought was a social pleasantry. Drinking turned into a daily coping mechanism, to alleviate work-related stress. It did not take too many years for my health to reach the point where the next stage would have been death. I was diagnosed with Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome, known colloquially as a ‘wet brain’. Simply put I had had enough, and couldn’t carry on.

14 Years Without an Alcoholic Drink

I thank God that my family persuaded me to seek specialist medical and psychological attention in the USA. This saved me from certain death, and only in my mid-forties! In the last fourteen years I have not picked up an alcoholic drink of any sort. Each and every day I work the AA 12-Step programme.  My life is not only the healthier for it, but I am happier and richer in the quality of my life.

Certainly all of my family who suffered greatly to watch me slowly killing myself now lead normal lives themselves. The curse of my addictive behaviour, that had negatively impacted their lives, has been lifted. They are worry free now and to my grandchildren I am a loving and generous Grandad. Just that. I can be that person because I can devote my time not only to them in a healthy and loving way, but also to my children, siblings, and my mother.

My passion for recovery is limitless - and I can show you how to stop

Over the years, I have counselled, from the heart, countless fellow alcoholics and addicts and their suffering families, many of whom now enjoy years of sobriety. My journey from a start-up entrepreneur to successful business man, hospital in-patient, and, today, a clean living family man has given me a greater appreciation of the truly important things in life.

Moreover, I have first-hand experience of what you may be going through right now, including divorce, child access problems, business debt, driving issues, bereavement and depression. These are real life events. I am very happy to be working in partnership with Paul because his values are identical to mine, to stay well and get well!

 Paul Kalaher 

In 1990 I became a solicitor and in 2006 a mediator and remain on the roll of solicitors, but have retired from practising law. I complement Shig's business and people skills with added business foresight and legal analysis in a calm, friendly but persuasive manner. My approach is to find a practical solution to legal problems.

 I enjoyed success in high profile cases for blue chip clients and individuals. As a result, they found themselves exhausted and financially drained by long, life-changing legal battles. 

Hard work and exhaustion lead me to look for solace in a bottle.

I turned to alcohol in a futile attempt to escape the stresses and strains of work life. This descent had to stop when my own health failed. I have been lucky enough to retain a loving family, but many are not so lucky. My wife of thirty years and my two children have been amazingly supportive throughout but like Shig's family they must have been very worried at times. One friend, a stockbroker, was not so lucky and passed away a little time ago leaving a young son without his father.

My passion is to see people get well and stay well

Above all, my passion these days is to see people get well and stay well in all areas of their life. I can fully understand how any professional person, business executive, small business partner, sole trader or member of any work force team must feel under the stresses and strains of very demanding and pressured roles.