Alcohol & Drug Addictions: Legal Problems Caused by Drink or Drug Use?

Addictions & Legal Problems

Addiction problems affect the individual, family and friends. What is discussed a lot less – but is paramount to a successful recovery – are the legal problems attached to addiction. These can be anything with a legal consequence. For instance, marriage breakdowns, property disputes, work (including employment and business partnerships) to driving convictions, mortgage and debt, and letters from the tax office.

The Added Weight of Legal Problems in Addiction

Drink and drugs will transform into legal problems that have dire irreparable consequences. However containing legal problems goes hand-in-hand with recovery. Fundamentally, any legal issue created by excessive drinking and drug use can deepen your descent into the addiction abyss. The journey to sobriety is hard enough. However, with the added weight of seemingly insurmountable legal problems hitting you from every angle. You know the ones, they can come through the door, on your phone, in your head before the break of dawn…creeping into your mind like unshakeable demons threatening to remove what remains from your life. Subsequently, it seems as if the walls are closing in.

As a result your heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, fear and anxiety prod and push you. Meanwhile, you try to find some form of respite. That is to say, this is normally in the form of a bottle or other mind-altering substance. The very thing that you thought gave you respite in the first place is now causing the legal problems without you noticing. Certainly, it’s a vicious cycle that spirals downwards, bringing family, friends and colleagues down too.

We know. We’ve been there.

Mediation Can Bring Peaceful Resolutions

In addition to the legal aspects, we have full mediation capabilities and experience. When all lines of communication seem to have been exhausted, with all parties reaching stalemate, we can often achieve what you may have thought to be impossible…a peaceful resolution to situations that perhaps seem insolvable. Moreover, for those situations that will never be repaired and become entwined in legalities, our lawyer then steps in and helps finalise them in a manner that removes the uncertainty. As a result, your load is lightened, helping you to prepare mentally for the start of a life of sobriety, free from addictions for the benefit of you and your family.

If you can’t see a way out, then let us show you a way.

SP Bespoke’s ‘Addiction Friendly’ lawyer can equip you to contain and deal with these problems in a non-judgemental way. Once dealt with properly by a legal professional who understands your situation, recovery from your current position becomes easier.

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