Legal Problems

The Problem

Drink or drug misuse can lead to legal problems.

Are you currently, or soon will be, in the hands of decision-making organisations such as: -

  • Employment Tribunal
  • DWP
  • Divorce Court
  • Child residence or contact Court
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • Business Disputes Court
  • Mortgage/other creditors’ Court
  • Magistrates Court
  • DVLA
  • Crown Court

Legal problems emerge a subtle way to begin with that you may not have noticed. If you are receiving unwelcome communications from any of the above then action should be taken.
Have you become apprehensive about receiving chasing and unwelcome e-mails or letters sent through the Royal Mail or phone calls? If so, do you drink on your worries about receiving them and their consequences, and then become less able to deal with them. “No” some may say but the answer is like to be” not yet” because if they are not dealt with early enough the position worsens and will be impossible to deal with without help.

Legal help from a non-judgemental, 'alcohol friendly' legal expert

Our legal expert can help you to start to dismantle the high brick wall built by different legal problems without judgement but with understanding of how these issues arose, and suggest practical solutions with your wellbeing put first. Any legal process will continue to reach a life changing conclusion, but you may not have a say in the outcome.

What you can expect without legal help

It seems ironic that the problems created by misuse and now their existence is now preventing recovery. A downward-spiralling vicious cycle is what no-one wants.