Legal Problems

The Problem

Certainly, it is a fact that a continuous bad habit will escalate into a way of living that can become thoroughly destructive. Likewise, it is also an accurate prediction that a lot of people who are on the path of descent with alcohol and addiction problems will become another statistic.

Are you currently in the hands of decision-making organisations such as the offices or courts dealing with, for instance:

  • NHS
  • DWP
  • the divorce court
  • child custody court
  • bankruptcy court
  • business disputes
  • mortgage/other creditors court
  • Magistrates court
  • DVLA (usually with driving issues)
  • Crown Court

As a result of financial and other legal demands, fuelled by an expensive addiction, your once-honest attitude may have turned to the darker side.  This can be a gradual process in the early stages of addiction. It begins so slightly that even you may not have noticed. Can you remember the day that the post delivery turned into something you dreaded to hear? Similarly, those calls you don't answer on your phone. When did they become something you avoided? The demands of your friends and family are joined by the demands of creditors, courts and authorities. Business partners and colleagues get suspicious. But you only notice when it's got so big that you cannot even think of tackling it. Definitely not sober or not without some kind of 'crutch'. This is a vicious and downward cycle and you cannot successfully tackle it alone. 

Legal help from a non-judgemental, 'addiction friendly' legal expert

Addictions can create mountains of problems. Our legal expert can help you to start to dismantle that mountain. A journey into healing and the ending of addictions is a path made easier when you have the help of a legal expert. Paul is not judgemental and he knows how important it is to keep full confidentiality at all times. He truly cares about helping people who are battling addiction. He has a passion for helping addicts recover.

Can you imagine a life where your legal problems are contained and you have someone who you can talk to about all of it? A person who understands how you got to where you are. But not only will he understand you and 'talk-the-talk'. Paul is a legal expert who can put actions to his words and he will 'walk the walk' with you. 

We help you walk away from the darkness and destruction with a clean slate, ready for a truly fresh start

SP Bespoke have everything you need to get well from addiction. We offer everything you need under one umbrella. One phone call and we can begin to walk you away from the darkness; the distorted and dishonest path that addiction has taken you down. As a result, you can begin to walk on a path of wellbeing and a life free from addiction.

Make that call today. The worst it can do is nothing. But the best it can do is give you a fresh start in life, in ways you daren't even let yourself believe were possible anymore. 

Reluctance to open envelopes and emails?

Very often people who receive official correspondence will be reluctant to open it. Does that sound familiar? However, leaving it unanswered will only deepen your predicament. Indeed, the bureaucratic process will continue to reach a life changing conclusion. But you will not have a say in the outcome. 

Bringing legal problems to a standstill - & preventing further descent

We can advise you on all of these issues, bringing a halt to the further descent of those legal obstacles. Expert analysis of the relevant legal problems where we ghost-write any necessary correspondence. We can do this to any organisation who you have legal problems with. This enables you to overcome your reluctance to do it yourself and gives you 'head space' to focus on recovery from addiction. If your problems haven't got that big yet, we can help to prevent their inevitable descent. It's hard on your own, but it's more than possible with our expert legal advice.

What you can expect without legal help

The key point is that you most likely will not be a part of the decision making process of those bodies you have legal wrangles with. Instead, unwelcome decisions will be made for you, without you being part of that decision making process. Your life will not be in your hands. Recovery from addiction is hard enough but factors such as these then become an obstacle to your recovery. Seems ironic that they were created by the addiction and now their existance is preventing recovery from the addiction. That is the downward-spiralling vicious cycle mentioned earlier. Addiction has taken enough from your life already. Don't let legal problems take even more. 

These things might not have happened...yet

You may of course be an addict and not have these legal problems. Yet. But they will come, if you don't recover from your addictions. Your marriage hasn't broken down...yet. Your business is the moment. You still say a cheery hello to the postman. But further down the path of addiction comes the inevitable legal problems. Call us today before they become a sticky swamp that suffocates your life. 

Get your legal problems in hand with our help - leaving the path more clear to get your mind, body and life free from addiction.