Safeguarding Policy

Simply put we and our team treat you and your family with respect to keep you safe from harm and vice versa.

Our policy is to deliver our services to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that our clients, their family members with whom we interact, and have a close and direct proximity to our clients, such that it would be fair just and reasonable to impose a duty upon us towards them, as well as our team members are kept safe from reasonably foreseeable harm, loss and damage.

Our policy exists to maximise the benefit of the services we deliver to our clients and the manner our team members can expect to be treated whilst delivering them. We recognise and respect all rights and obligations, reciprocal or otherwise, in respect of any class of person referred to above imposed by the common law of England and Wales or, where applicable, codified by primary and subordinate legislation as they relate to any fact specific and individual case we are instructed upon.

Our policy does not dilute, restrict, or prejudicially interfere with the rights or obligations, reciprocal or otherwise,recognised by law to any person referred to above.

If you have any questions arising from this statement please phone either of our partners using the numbers found on this website or raise them during the no obligation phone call you are welcome to make, should you wish to enquire about any aspect of the service referred to in this website. This is so we can take all relevant information of which we have actual or imputed knowledge into account when delivering our services.