The information we request from you, will be relevant to your needs. You are entitled to know what you choose to tell us will be received and recorded confidentially; processed lawfully and stored solely for those reasons. It will stored or archived safely and for no longer than you permit or is necessary, to ensure we comply with the law of England and Wales.

We will never share sell or transmit any information about you with or to any other person or legal personality without your knowledge and informed consent unless we are compelled to do so by the law of England and Wales or the country in which you are a resident if different.

A full copy of our privacy notice policy document will be issued with our terms and conditions should you wish to consult us.



We treat all individuals as individuals according to their needs. No one is immune from the stresses and strains of modern living. It is how we deal with them that counts.  Alcohol and Drugs do not discriminate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, social standing,family history, political persuasion, education or intelligence, and neither do we.