Phone us on: 07809 565487 and ask for Shig or 07515 120330  and ask for Paul.

We start with a no obligation assessment for a minimum of 20 minutes over the phone with one of our consultants to determine what you require and how we can help.

You need only tell us the amount of information you are comfortable with. We do not keep records of you or your call until you want us to do so or commit to a consultation.


Our Wellbeing Action Plan for You is as individual as you are. We are happy to see you outside of usual office hours and at week-ends.

You will have told us what is on your mind during the no obligation assessment. We will have asked a few unintrusive questions to identify your objectives, any ways of thinking, habits or behaviours that require adjustment or total change and what you will need to do to put into action our proposed plan to remove you from your current state to a better one.

The reasons for our clients contacting us usually include unwelcome financial consequences, even though their problems may have cost them more than money. Many have debt, employment, business partnership, matrimonial, other family issues or the pending / recent loss of a loved one. Our resident solicitor and mediator, having recently retired from practising law, can provide his opinion and a suggested process for you to follow under our wellbeing action package. We do not give financial or investment advice nor will we represent you in any pending court case, but we are qualified to give advice on the law, the process, and procedure to help cope with associated worries or stress.

As you will read further, we can begin the work to see you get well and stay well in the comfort and confidential surroundings of your own home, office or wherever you feel most comfortable. The meeting will have a structure, individual to your circumstances. We will make you aware of the structure before we meet.

We will apply our experience, techniques and skills in listening and oral illustration to equip you to see certain aspects which only those around you can see, but you perhaps cannot. We do not operate by tidal wave preaching although it may be necessary for us to point out some unpalatable home truths as a setting for change and improvement; remember common sense is not always common practice.