What to Expect

What Happens Next?

Shig: 07809 565487
Paul: 07515 120330
Jit: 07801 244555

The practical benefits

You've found us, and you make that call. Here's what to expect: 

  1. Expert, confidential and discreet detailed assessment at a time to suit you
  2. An individual written action plan for you, reflecting our immediate 1-1 support for you and your family, in the comfort of your own home
  3. Help and support with all legal, financial and business problems that have built up
  4. Relief and release from the cycle of dependence and addiction with our detox & rehab at home service
  5. 1-1 long-term support free of charge

The emotional benefits

What can you expect to feel? 

  1. Hope 
  2. Understanding from those who have been where you are now
  3. You no longer feel alone knowing you have dedicated, professional support
  4. Self-respect and dignity, both at home and in your professional life
  5. Healthier body and mind
  6. Knowing your family are safe and supported
  7. Headspace and 'room to breathe' from having your legal and financial problems attended to by a legal professional

‘SP Bespoke saved my daughter, my sanity and our family’.

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