What to Expect

What Happens Next?

The practical benefits

You've found us, and you make that call. Here's what to expect: 

  1. You press the 'Call Now' button for your initial free 20-minute consultation. Or you contact us through the numbers at the bottom of each page on the website
  2. You can call either Shig or Paul. We are both ready and willing to help; neither of us is the wrong choice. Just make that call
  3. Expert, confidential and discreet, one-to-one advice
  4. An individual written action plan for you
  5. Immediate 1-1 support for you and your whole family, in the comfort of your own home or in a neutral location
  6. Help and support with all legal, finanical and business problems that have built up
  7. Relief and release from the cycle of addiction
  8. 1-1 long-term support
  9. 1-1 rehab at home 

The emotional benefits

What can you expect to feel? 

  1. Hope 
  2. Understanding from those who have been there
  3. You no longer feel alone and you have dedicated, professional support
  4. Relief and release from the cycle of addiction
  5. Self respect and dignity, both at home and in your professional life
  6. Healthy body and mind
  7. Knowing your family are safe and supported
  8. Headspace and 'room to breathe' from having your legal and financial problems attended to by a legal professional