Professional help with alcohol & addictions. Family intervention, counselling, mediation and legal analysis under one umbrella in the East Midlands and nationwide.

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SP Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions

Based in the East Midlands, we offer bespoke counselling plans across Leicester, Northampton, the Midlands, London and across the whole of the UK to help with alcohol dependency, drug addiction, debt, loss, family issues and business worries. Our plans are completely tailored to you, and are provided to assist you through the darkest times in your life. Our bespoke approach to finding business, mental health and wellbeing solutions offers a structured, personal and effective method to work through habits and behaviours that may be inhibiting your personal progress and wellbeing.

We provide our services in the comfort of your own home or office for a fear-free environment.

We can assist you with a variety of personal, workplace, legal and family issues under one umbrella, including:

  • Alcohol & Drug Dependence Counselling
  • Support for Mental Health Issues
  • Tackling Compulsive Behaviours
  • Counselling for Stress or Anxiety
  • All Legal Issues
  • Rehabilitation Clinics Worldwide

SP Bespoke Solutions provides quality bespoke wellbeing solutions and legal advice to those suffering from a variety of issues, including alcohol dependence, drug addiction, anxiety, stress, and more. Our consultants, based near Leicester in the Midlands, provide confidential expert counselling and advice to help you navigate your legal and lifestyle issues and work towards a happier, healthier you. 

Issues with alcohol dependency or drug addiction can ruin not only your life, but the lives of people around you. Our consultants in the Midlands are here to help, both in assisting with your mental wellbeing, and in providing expert legal advice and counselling for situations arising from your addiction, such as issues with employment, divorce, and business relationships.

Our bespoke counselling is the first step on the way to getting well and staying well, offering you the help and support that you need. Our services include confidential counselling, life coaching, legal analysis and advice on issues with alcohol dependence, employment, divorce & family counselling, drugs, debt, and business life.

 Get in touch now for a no-obligation assessment over the phone to see if we can provide a bespoke counselling service for your needs. We can schedule you in for an appointment in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the UK. We can also provide bespoke Skype counselling sessions for individuals suffering from alcohol dependence or drug addiction across the UK and abroad, from our office in Leicester.

 We can also provide bespoke counselling and wellbeing solutions for the workplace – find out more here, and book us to encourage wellbeing and healthy attitudes in your employees.